Funny Housewarming Gift Ideas

by Robert Dumas

Housewarming traditions can be traced back hundreds of years when Europeans gave gifts such as salt to ward off evil from the home, bread so the new homeowners would never go hungry, oil olive for good health, and candles so they’d always have light. Start a new tradition by giving new homeowners a humorous gift so that they’ll always have laughter.

Humorous Mailbox

It’s your friends’ new home, so don’t let them settle for any old mailbox. There are many specialized mailboxes that display a sly wit. These include the donkey shaped mailbox. You’ll have to guess where the postman puts the mail. There also are boxes shaped like a largemouth bass, a giant golf ball and even a scorpion. If your friends have a particular passion, find a mailbox to fit that theme, such as a parrot mailbox. If they have a dark sense of humor, consider the mailbox that is not supported by a wood post, but rather a creepy hand that reaches up out of the ground.

Kitschy Lawn Décor

Tacky is funny. Consider getting the new homeowners some kitschy lawn art. Some plastic pink flamingos or creepy garden gnomes always are favorites. Cut-out wooden shapes like cowboys, doggies and bent over gal scream, “We have no taste!” A birdbath with a stand made from bowling bowls or a few ceramic lawn jockeys will leave passersby shaking their heads in wonder.

Funny Yard Signs

The new homeowners need to announce to the neighborhood what they’re all about. Some goofy signs will do trick. If they have dogs, get one that says, “Gentle Dog, Beware of the Owner.” To greet well wishers, get them one that says, “No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.” To be totally random and confuse the mailman, consider a sign that says, “Warning, Beware of the Crazy Goat.”

"As Seen on TV" Gift Basket

We’ve all the seen the ads on TV. Pitchmen extol the virtues of quirky products, many of dubious value, designed to help us cook better, clean better and live better. Now these items can all be found at one convenient website. Put together a collection of the silliest homemaking products you can find and create a gift basket. Some items to consider include the Bacon Genie, the Automatic Shoe Polisher, the Boot and Glove Dryer and the Grater Plater (the plate that grates).

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