How to Write a Thank You Note for a Sympathy Gift

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During difficult times of tragedy, such as death, family and friends may send sympathy gifts. Sending a subsequent thank you note shows your appreciation for their kindness. However, actually writing the note might seem like an overwhelming process, particularly following a funeral. Don't feel apprehensive about letting time pass before writing thank you notes, as those around you understand the time required to get through the grieving process.

Think about what to write before actually writing on the cards. According to the Emily Post Institute, "notes of condolence should be acknowledged with a handwritten note." Therefore, write on another sheet of paper before neatly writing your thank you notes.

Begin the thank you note by greeting acknowledging the person or persons who have given you a gift. Begin with "Dear" (insert name or names if it is a married couple). If you are writing to a family, write "Dear Smith Family..." Place a comma after the name.

Express your gratitude by stating your appreciation of their kindness in the first sentence. An example of the first sentence might include: "Thank you so much for being supportive of me and my family during this difficult time."

Acknowledge your appreciation of the gift in the second and third sentences. State the actual gift in the note and what it means to you. An example of this might include: "Thank you so much for the beautiful calla lillies. They have added warmth and beauty to my home."

Write a touching memory for the person you are writing the thank you note to about the deceased person. An example of this might include: "Phillip really enjoyed playing golf with you and he always commented on your kind spirit."

End the note by expressing your appreciation for their kindness and concern. An example of this might include: "Thank you again for your kindness and support of me and my family during our time of mourning."

Close the note with phrases such as love, warm regards or sincerely. Make sure the first letter is capitalized and place a comma after the closing. Write your name or your family's name underneath the closing.