How to Write a Thank You Note to an Interior Decorator

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It's considered standard etiquette to write a thank-you note after receiving a gift or special services from a friend, family member or acquaintance. What you may not know is that it is also considered good form to write thank-you notes after certain business transactions or services, such as design and decorating. Learn the right way to write a thank you note to your interior designer after your decorating project is complete.

Obtain stationery. Many people pick personalized, printed stationery on which to send their thank you notes; postcards are also perfectly acceptable for business thank-you notes, according to "The Morning News"; How to Write a Thank-You Note; Leslie Harpold. October 2003.

Write the greeting. Always offer a personalized greeting which names the card's recipient. In most cases, you will have a professional business relationship with your interior designer, so it's appropriate to begin the card with their name followed by a colon (example: Deanna Sommers: Thank you note text). No "dear" or additional form of address is necessary.

Say thank you. The whole point of sending a thank-you note is to say thank you, so state your gratitude right at the beginning. Start the note by saying something like "Thank you for working so hard to make our room/home so beautiful," introducing the purpose for the note immediately.

Elaborate. Make your thank-you note sincere and personal by expanding on your appreciation, including why you're so thankful. For instance, the second and third lines of your note might read "Your vision of the space exactly matched what I saw in my imagination." You may also wish to add that you will recommend the designer to friends and associates if they are ever in need of the same services.

Reiterate. Close your professional thank-you note by re-stating your gratitude, suggests Offering your thanks a second time is a good way to close the thank-you. The second thank you in the note may read something like "Again, thank you for your dedication and determination to make our room/home/apartment perfect."

Close the letter. A professional thank-you to an interior decorator or other service professional should end with "Sincerely," "With regards," or another business-appropriate closing. Sign the letter with your full name.

Proofread. Your professional thank-you note to your interior designer should be letter-perfect, so double-check it for spelling and grammatical errors prior to sending.