Fun Married Couple Activities for Date Night

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If you are married, date nights are supposed to be about reconnecting as a couple. Date nights can enhance a couple's relationship; they can improve communication as you have a chance to talk to each other as a couple again. But fitting dates into your schedule can be difficult if you lead busy lives. There are some fun, easy-to-plan, activities for date night if you are ready to try something other than watching TV together or going out to dinner and a movie.

Take Dance Lessons

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Dance lessons are a fun married couple activity. Even if you take just one lesson, the act of learning something new together can benefit you as a couple. A study by Goethe University psychologists indicated that dancing with a partner leads to positive effects on your hormones. Testosterone levels increase and cortisol levels (a hormone present during stress) decrease when dancing with a partner.

Play a Casual Sport

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Casual sports are great for a date because they are physical yet do not require great athletic ability. Casual sports such as darts, bowling and billiards can be played by almost anyone. They allow for healthy competition, which can lead to future fun dates as you or your partner seek redemption. A study by the National Marriage Project indicated that couples who commit to regular couples time have healthier marriages than those with sporadic date nights.

Test Drive Cars

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If you and your partner are about to purchase a new vehicle, consider test driving cars. However, don't limit the cars to the practical vehicle you might be considering. Test drive fun and sporty cars to give yourselves an adrenaline rush, which could lead to intimacy later.

Attend a Concert

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If you and your spouse had a favorite band or music genre before you got married, chances are a band from those days is playing in a town near you. Consider getting tickets to a concert where you will be around other people who enjoy music from the same era. If a band you like isn't playing anytime soon, rent a music DVD and host your own concert night at home, complete with concert T-shirts and loud volume.