Fun Activities for Kids 6 to 12 Years

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Children between the ages of six and 12 often say they are bored or have nothing to do. When your child tells you she is bored, give her a list of fun activities to try. These activities are ideal for summer or winter breaks from school, and many of them will keep your child occupied for hours or even days.


Kids ages six to 12 have many game options that will appeal to them. Classic board games are a fun option for kids to play together. Another fun game is dress up relay. In this game, children divide into two teams. Each team has a pile of the same kinds of clothing items. The two teams must race to see which team can put on and take off the clothes the fastest over their own clothes. The classic game of marbles is also a fun choice for one or two players. Children draw a circle onto the ground. The marbles go inside the circle. The children take turns shooting a marble at the marbles in the circles to knock them out. The player with the most marbles wins.


There are almost limitless activities children can do outdoors. Camping in the backyard is one fun activity children can do on their own. You could also arrange a family camping trip. Playing in the sprinklers is a classic outdoor activity for children. Children can also go on a nature walk to find local plants or animals. Classic outdoor games, such as hopscotch, tag and red light-green light are also fun activities children can do outdoors.


Have children gather a bunch of pretty leaves of flowers from the yard or around the neighborhood. Press the flowers together between sheets of paper and heavy books to flatten the flowers. After a few weeks, use the flowers to create an art project or add to an object. Use craft sealer to paint over the flowers after the glue has dried, to prevent them from falling off. Another fun activity is making perfume. Place 25 drops of different-scented essential oils into 2.5 ounces of vodka. Allow the perfume to sit in an air tight container for about a week. Add two tablespoons of water to the mixture, then filter the perfume through a coffee filter. Pour the perfume back into an air tight container.


Kid's fun activities can also be educational. Allowing children to grow a few plants or a small garden help them learn about how to care for plants. Encourage children to learn a musical instrument. Cooking can also be fun and educational. Show children how to make simple dishes in the kitchen, then allow them to prepare a meal. Outdoor learning activities, such as birdwatching or a worm farm, can also be educational for children. Allow the children to pick out some books at the library or a bookstore to help them their favorite topics.