Farewell Decoration Ideas

Putting together a farewell party for a friend or co-worker is a thoughtful way to send someone off before a move or an extended vacation. You can put together a party motif using decorations in a variety of themes, from suitcases to photo collages. The time and care you put into these details will make the party all the more special.


Suitcases immediately call to mind images of travel, and you can use a set of luggage as accent decorations at a farewell party. Set out some suitcases propped open, and fill the insides with flowers, bowls of chips or party favors. Choose retro, '50s-style luggage for a vintage look.


You can use symbols of transportation to create a general "bon voyage" theme for the party. Items such as cameras, sunglasses, maps and train tickets can be used as decor to create vignettes around the room. An alternative: Blow up pictures of these items on your computer, print out the images and hang them on the walls of the party room.

Regional Decor

If the guest of honor is moving to a particular region, either nationally or abroad, consider decorating with items from that area. For example, celebrate someone moving to Texas with a country western party decorated with cowboy hats, boots, lassos and lone stars.

Photo Collages

Someone moving away will appreciate party decor that he can keep as a memento. Create photo collages with pictures of friends and colleagues, pasting the pictures onto poster board. Hang the collages on the wall, then give them to the guest of honor at the end of the party.