The Best Eyewear Styles for Men

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When your scouring the boutiques trying to find an eyewear style that flatters you -- whether prescription glasses or shades -- the trick lies in matching the frames to the shape of your face. Once you've got the shape down, the devil is in the details. As with all fashion, confidence trumps all choices, and since eyewear trends come and go, the “best” style for you is ultimately the style that makes you feel best about yourself.

Rounded Face Shapes

If you've got an oval-shaped face, you can likely pull off versatile frame styles -- but squared-shaped frames tend to work best as they'll offset the curves of your countenance. Avoid overlarge frames, as they shrink more narrow oval faces. For longer faces, accented rims add a little width. Squares and rectangles also work for shorter rounded faces, and frames that connect at the temples can add length to your face while upswept frames bring out the eyes. If you have a heart-shaped face, characterized by a broad forehead and narrow chin, oval frames lend a balanced look while rimless glasses emphasize the cheek bones.

Angular Face Shapes

Stout, square-shaped faces are flattered by rounded frames or frames that connect at the temple. Semi-rimless and other top-heavy styles nicely accent strong jawlines and triangular faces. If you have a diamond-shaped face -- which is similar in proportion to a heart-shaped face, but more angular -- try oval frames to balance your features. Semi-rimless and other top-heavy styles nicely accent strong jawlines and triangular faces.

Colors For Everyone

Once you've picked a shape, you must wade through the field of color options. Think about the accessories that you typically wear -- such as shoes and belts -- and whether they skew more toward black or brown, and match the color of your frames to the color of your commonly worn accessories. Black and tortoiseshell finishes never go out of style, and the latter works particularly well for men with blond or brown hair. If you you have green or blue eyes and you're looking for a bold color for prescription glasses, highlight your eyes by matching the color of the frames to your eye color.

Suit the Situation

Sometimes, a certain eyewear style works best for a specific occasion or lifestyle. For example, oval and rectangle frames in conservative colors -- such as black, brown and gray -- cater to business professionals, as do metal and rimless frames. Men in more casual situations or creative professions might consider clear frames, bold colors, layered textured or exaggerated retro styles. If you work in a particularly physical field, practical features such as glare-resistant polarized lenses and shatterproof polycarbonate construction may trump style.

More Tips

To complete your eyewear's appeal, don't neglect fit. Stick with frames that are about as wide as your face with a top edge that just hits your eyebrows. Although online shopping is tempting, it's always better try frames on and have a good look at yourself in the mirror before you buy -- this is the only way to be truly sure that the style works for you.