Everything You Need to Make Labor Day Weekend Count


Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, whether you're a student grasping at her dwindling freedom or a cubicle-dweller anticipating her lengthy commutes. That's why Labor Day is so precious — it's one last excuse to revel in the season's sun-drenched pleasures before the rest of the year unfolds. So, ignore the chill that's just around the corner. Dawn your trusty sunglasses with abandon, and gaze into the coming three-day weekend with the mindset that this holiday is your final warm-weather hurrah. Ready to make it count? Here's what you should do.

  1. Throw on this classic T-shirt and drink an iced-coffee outside. This would be the perfect place to sit as you sip.
  2. How about adding a little something extra to your outfit, like this on-trend bandana? Once you've mastered how to tie it, it's time to play some games in the grass. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work. 
  3. Give your faded flip flops a rest! These heels will keep you cool, and looking good. If you want to put your own spin on this pair, add a lace-up detail. 
  4. As much as we've loved living in swimsuits all season, this denim skirt is worth a break from a bikini. Use this guide to figure out what top to wear it with. 
  5. It isn't a summer weekend unless you're firing up the grill and cooking food like a pro. Make sure yours is in top shape, and then pick and choose from these mouthwatering recipes. In fact, such a stellar feast calls for a party, don't you think?
  6. On the flip side, a three-day weekend is the perfect excuse to get away from it all. Unzip this bag and get moving — even if you're not off to a tropical getaway, this how-to will help you see your destination in style. 
  7. Look, for some of us, ice cream is all we need to be happy. Dip a spoon into this carton, or make a few flavors of your own. Bonus points if your post-scoop slumber takes place on this. 
  8. OK, so you're serious about leaving your summer haunts behind for someplace new. That's totally understandable. Page through this book for a plan, and then head out on the road. Keep this spray on hand for any bugs that didn't see you coming.
  9. Afternoons spent on the shore are memorable when you schlep more than just the essentials along, like a must-have towel. Bring this bottle opener for refreshments...
  10. ...And pack this beer in a cooler for when the sun is really hot. These will keep them nice and frosty. 
  11. A long weekend is also ideal for the great outdoors. If camping is on your to-do list, then pitch a tent and put this lantern next to your DIY oven. Sounds like the perfect setup under the stars.