End of Summer Party Ideas

sand beach at sunset image by Alena Yakusheva from Fotolia.com

Give summer a proper send-off by having an end of summer party. Infuse your party with fun, creative and engaging ideas that everyone will enjoy. Be sure to keep a camera ready during the party so you can capture everyone enjoying a seasonal salute to the end of summertime.

Summer Santas

Invite guests to usher in the upcoming winter holiday season by coming dressed as a Summertime Santa Claus. Encourage them to use their imagination to create their outfit. Show pictures of Hawaiian shirts, swimsuits and beach attire on the party invitation along with pictures of Santa Claus to give them costume ideas. Have a basket of fake Santa beards and Santa hats ready to make sure that everyone at the party is dressed in summer attire but look like a summertime Santa. Be sure to get solo and group shots of the summer Santa party guests.

Green Carpet Fashion Show

Ask every party guess to come in summertime outfits like swimsuits, shorts and sundresses. Also ask them to wear a fall or winter coat on top of their outfit. Then have a fashion show contest. You can even get an inexpensive piece of fake outdoor grass-looking carpet, and instead of a red carpet, have them strut down the grass green carpet to show their outfit. Have guests vote for the best combination summer-and-winter outfit and give the winner a funny prize like a watermelon or box of Christmas tree ornaments.

Flip Flop Design Contest

By the end of summer, flip flops will be on sale at clearance prices. Buy a pair of flip-flops for every party guest. Stage a craft table with paint, glitter and decorative items. Have guests decorate the flip-flops. Then have a contest where guests vote on the best flip-flop design.

White Out

Ask guests to come dressed in white. Traditionally, Labor Day marks the end of wearing white clothes. Add to the theme by serving white wine and various types of white cheese. Cover tables in white tablecloths and serve food on white plates. Decorate with white flowers to symbolize the end of summertime.

Summer Fruit Bonfire

Have a bonfire towards the close of the party. Make a fire pit and give party guests a piece of fruit that embodies summer. That can include a slice of watermelon, a peach, and tropical fruits like mangoes and papayas. Create a poem to start-off the bonfire. Then have each guest make a short statement about what they will miss most about summer as they cast their summer fruit into the bonfire.

Ode to Summer Music Mix

No matter what the party theme is, be sure to create an "ode to summer" music mix. Include classic songs like “Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly and the Family Stone, “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Croft, “Summertime” by Billy Stewart or DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Get song suggestions from guests when they call or e-mail their RSVP to attend the party so that that everyone can hear their favorite ode to summer tune during the party.