Elegant 50th Birthday Cake Ideas

birthday cake image by Julia Britvich from Fotolia.com

The 50th birthday is a milestone birthday. It's a time in life for celebrating a new journey. In many homes, children have left the nest and adults are emerging on the peak of their careers. The 50th birthday is a time of celebration, and an elegant 50th-birthday cake adds some fun to the party.

Gold Cake

The number 50 is traditionally associated with gold for anniversaries. This same principle is true for the 50th birthday. Frost the cake with a white icing. Use gold icing to trim the cake. Spray paint or buy gold artificial roses. Place the elegant gold roses on the cake platter. Put a large gold bow on the top of the cake. Run gold ribbon down the sides and trail on the display table. Top the birthday cake with gold candles and serve it with a gold cake server.

Five-Tier Decade Cake

Bake or order a five-tier 50th birthday cake. Each tier of the cake represents a decade of the birthday person's life. Decorate the cake with edible flowers and gold beads. Or decorate the cake with items that represent something significant from each decade. For example, the bottom tier could have a baby rattle, a miniature tricycle and a miniature school house. The second tier could have car keys, a miniature graduation hat and a miniature engagement ring. Freeze the top of the cake and enjoy it on the following year's birthday. Eating a slice of the cake a year later will be a reminder of all the wonderful events in the person's life.

Gold Glitter Cake

Prepare a white cake with chocolate frosting. Dust the entire cake with edible gold glitter (sugar sprinkles). Trim the cake with gold icing. Place an elegant topper of your choice as the centerpiece or use a 50th-birthday candle. Another option for a gold glitter cake is to have an edible photo in the center of the cake instead of a cake topper. Trim the edible photo with gold icing. Bakeries can make edible photos for you or you can use software and special paper to print these and make them at home.

Wishing Well Cake

A wishing well symbolizes the wishes that will come true in future years. Make a round cake base with fondant icing. This will be the bottom of a wishing well. Decorate to look like it has large rocks on it. Add small decorative flowers around the edges. Use a green serving platter to represent the grass.

Use two plastic pieces for support pillars and the poles of the wishing well. On top of the support poles, place another cake layer that is the roof of the wishing well. Use a light brown icing and make the shingles of the roof. You can even sit a very small, miniature plastic bird on top of the roof. Write 50th-birthday wishes on the roof.

Decorate the center of the base with a small wishing-well bucket. This little bucket can be made from cake or you can use a small, non-edible cake decoration. You can ice the bucket and make it appear that confetti or small flowers are coming from the top of the wishing-well bucket.