Dresses That Look Great With Ankle Boot Heels

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selecting appropriate dresses to wear with fashionable ankle booties can often cause you to reevaluate your wardrobe picks. Since ankle boot shafts vary in height -- 3 to 8 inches -- your dress length jumps to the forefront. Retailers generally measure the boot shaft from the bottom of the foot to the top of the boot. Create a cohesive and stylish outfit coordinating your dress length with your ankle boot shaft height. Whether your body type is a pear, apple or strawberry shape, you can style your outfit to make your legs look long, lean, slim and trim at any age.

It's All About the Length

Dress length is key to styling your frocks with ankle booties. Generally, the higher the boot shaft, the shorter your dress length. If you're an apple-shaped gal -- larger upper body with slim bottom half -- and your legs look fierce in a mini dress, dare to wear high-rise ankle boots with trimmed closures. Pear-shaped ladies -- narrow upper half and wider bottom -- can sport a knee-length dress and ankle booties in matching colors to slim their bottoms and legs. Avoid making a fashion faux pas by wearing matching opaque tights with this style. Strawberry-shaped ladies can wear ankle-length dresses with full skirts that do not cover boot details, such as zippers or fur-trimmed cuffs.

What About Color

Pair your footwear with your dress colors -- browns, greens and camels -- and wear a metallic-textured ankle boot in a bronze tone. If you prefer sporting understated tones to the office, wear suede-textured booties with a knee-length dress in a nude shade. Style the look in the same way you would wear your on-trend nude pumps. If those famed, red-soled beauties are not part of your budget, opt for an affordable platform ankle boot with decorative trim.

Punk Rock Rules

If you still love and embrace 90s-inspired fashion, wear studded ankle booties. Pair a leather dress with a studded boot with rivets and buckle detailing. You can also select a pair with chain links and proclaim to the world that punk rock rules. Whether you choose high-heels or flat ankle boot styles, coordinate your dress trims to your bootie embellishments to create a cohesive look.

Office-Style Booties

Add a modern twist to your every day business attire with ankle booties. Re-create office-appropriate dress by wearing chic platform booties in a matching color. Since work place dresses often fall below-the-knee, elevate your height by pairing short-length ankle boots with chunky-stacked heels. This pairing ensures that your legs do not appear stocky and have a lean look. You can also create the illusion of slim and trim legs by wearing your dress, tights and ankle boots in matching colors.