DIY This Taylor Swift Inspired Rhinestone Choker

by Kirsten Nunez ; Updated September 28, 2017

In early 2016, Taylor Swift graced the Grammy awards with a sparkly necklace and dramatic dress. Talk about making a statement! Fortunately, you don't need to be a world famous starlet to rock her style. With just a few supplies and clever crafting techniques, you can recreate Taylor's rhinestone choker. It's the perfect piece for prom, girl's night out, or a dinner date.

Oh what a night. ⭐️

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  • To create a piece similar to Taylor Swift's choker, use trim made of three rows of rhinestones. Of course, you can use wider rhinestone trim for a different look.

    Taylor's necklace features orange, pink, and a blue/green. You can use the same color palette or something a little different. It's totally up to you.

Water down the first color in the small container. Mix well.


  • For a translucent wash of color, mix the water and paint using a ratio of 2:1.

Cut the rhinestone trim to fit around your neck. Most chokers measure anywhere from 11–13 inches.

Tape the rhinestone trim to your work surface. Carefully apply the watered down acrylic paint to random rhinestones.


  • To protect your work space, tape the rhinestone to a piece of scrap paper. Otherwise, acrylic paint usually wipes off easily from most surfaces.

Repeat Steps 1–3 with the remaining colors. Don't think too much about the placement of each color; the more random, the better.

Set aside to dry.

Attach the extender chain to the rhinestone trim with a jump ring. Add the jewelry clasp to the other end of the rhinestone chain.


  • Extender chains are useful for creating an adjustable necklace. Because chokers fit tightly around the neck, adding an extender chain allows for adjustment and comfort. Alternatively, you can replace this chain with a large jump ring to make a non-adjustable necklace.

This project proves that you don't have to be a Grammy-winning celebrity to rock sparkly statement pieces. It's also perfect for bringing a casual outfit from day to night. Want to take it up a notch? Layer your handmade choker with longer necklaces of varying lengths.

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