DIY Rainbow Garland Cake Topper

If you aren’t feeling green for St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps you are feeling rainbow!? With some scraps of colorful tissue paper you can create a quick little garland to jazz up a St. Patty’s treat. And finding a cake at the end of this rainbow? Well, that’s almost as good as finding gold!

Tissue paper in rainbow hues


Sewing needle with a large eye


Lollipop sticks or bamboo skewers

Cut your tissue paper into two inch squares. I was decorating a small cake, so I used four squares of each color, but you can use more if you want a longer garland.

Pinch the center of each square.

Then thread the square onto the twine with your needle, running the needle right through where you pinched the tissue square.

Repeat with each square of each color, “fluffing” the tissue as need once it’s strung on.

Once you are happy with the length of your garland, tie each end of your twine to a lollipop stick or bamboo secure. (You can add a dot of glue to make it extra secure.) Trim your excess twine and your cake topper is ready to go!

Insert the ends of each stick or skewer into your cake before serving and you’ve just turned any dessert into a festive St. Patty’s sweet!

All Photos: Kelly Lanza