Different Styles of Box Braiding

Maria Taglienti-Molinari/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Box braids are individual braids starting at the roots of the hair. They are separated by small parts that look like boxes. Box braids can be created with extensions or natural hair and can be maneuvered into various styles. Extensions increase the length, fullness and styling options.


This style pulls the braids back neatly. The ponytail can be low at the base of the neck, at the back of the head or low to one side of the head. Add a headband or decorative hair combs to complete the look.


The hair is grabbed into a ponytail but the ends of the braids are twisted into a bun. The bun can placed in the center of the head, base of the neck or high on top of the crown of the head.


Letting the braids hang loosely is an option no matter the length of the box braids. Curl the braids with rollers or a hot curler for a more styled look.


The box braids are gathered and piled on top of the head. The braids are loosely gathered or tightly twisted for an up-do style.


The braids are gathered into a ponytail from ear to ear while the remaining braids lay loose to the shoulders or down the back, depending on their length.