Design Your Own Dress Online

There are a number of options for dress design online. These range from pattern design software and applications that allow you to draft sewing patterns for a manufacturer to then make. Both allow you to choose the necklines, sleeves, hem length and other details. Choosing to design your own dress online is especially helpful for weddings, bridal parties and other significant occasions.

Decide whether you want to sew your own dress or simply design your dress and have it delivered to your door. Choose the online dress design site that best suits yours needs. Some dress design websites specialize in wedding dresses, while others offer an array of party dresses. You may also find some sites that allow you to design your dress and order by phone or email from certain set options.

Think about the style you prefer. Some dress design applications allow you to try out a variety of options. Consider the shapes of clothing you usually favor. If you are designing dresses for a wedding bridal party, you might even want to choose the color and fabric, but allow each member of the bridal party to select her own dress style.

Play with the design options. Some sites even allow you to design a variety of dresses and then have visitors vote on them.

Take your measurements. Accurate measurements are essential when custom designing a dress. You may well need more than just a standard bust, waist and hip measurement for the best fit. Consider recruiting a friend to help with measurements. The site should offer guidelines as to which measurements are needed for a good fit. Do choose a site that offers a custom made dress, not a dress that is in straight off the rack. If you have chosen to design your wedding dress online, you may want to have a seamstress take the measurements.

Order your dress or prepare your pattern for printing. If you order a dress you designed, turnaround times may vary. Your dress will be custom made, so do allow time for both construction and shipping, often from overseas. If you have used a pattern drafting application to design your dress online, you can take it to a local print or copy shop for printing.

Enjoy your new dress. If you have opted to design your wedding dress online, you will still want to visit a local seamstress or tailor for alterations and final hemming. Less formal dresses should be ready to wear when they arrive.