What Are Cute Ways to Apologize to a Guy?

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Admitting when you are wrong and saying you're sorry is crucial to a healthy, thriving relationship. If you've done something majorly offensive to your boyfriend or partner, your apology needs to be very serious and contrite, with a full acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility for your actions. However, for those minor, everyday mess-ups, like leaving the nearly full gallon of milk out on the counter all day or snapping at him unnecessarily, go for the cute apology approach that is sure to make him laugh, smile and forget why he was ticked off in the first place.

The Cuddly and Stuffed Apology

Buy the most adorable stuffed animal for your guy and tie a ribbon around its neck with an "I'm Sorry" note attached to it. The note might say something like, "Carrie wants you to know that she's super sorry she forgot about your game and to please forgive her." You could make it more sentimental by using a stuffed animal that he has already given you. Put the stuffed animal somewhere he will easily see it or notice it out of place, such as the passenger seat of his car or on the kitchen counter. If you have a dog or a cat, attach the note to the critter's collar and send your furry buddy in the direction of your boyfriend. If your dog can do a few tricks, including the adorable sad puppy look, it'll make the apology even better.

The Hungry Man Apology

For a guy whose heart is attached to his stomach, you can't go wrong with an apology through food. Make his favorite home-cooked meal and put it on a serving platter with a lid. On the lid, attach a note that says something like, "This can't make up for the ticket I got on your car, but it sure tastes good!" Another idea is to have his favorite pizza or other fast food delivered and write the note on the inside of the container it comes in. If you know you are coming home to an upset boyfriend, pick up his absolute favorite restaurant dessert on the way home and apologize while handing him the dessert before he can say anything. If you're lucky, he'll be so excited about the dessert that he'll forget about being mad at you.

The Touchy-Feely Apology

There's nothing like your soft touch to melt your guy's heart. Whether your dog went to the bathroom in the middle of his living room or you made him late for an event, it'll be tough for him to stay mad at you if you run right up to him, wrap your arms around him and say you're sorry over and over again. Look up at him with the puppy dog eyes for good measure. If he's lying on the couch giving you the silent treatment, jump on him and attack him with kisses and asking for forgiveness. Tickle him a little to get him to laugh. Suggestively tell him you want to make up for it, and in most cases, all will be forgiven and quickly forgotten.

The Make It Right Apology

So you accidentally threw away his NBA tickets. If he's a serious sports fan, you've got to make up for this in a big way. Call up the box office and purchase the best tickets you can afford for the game to replace them. If that's not possible, surprise him with a new jersey of his favorite team player, or throw a game-watching party and provide all the food and drinks. If you've been stressed out from work and taking it out on him all week, surprise him with a make-up trip to a day spa for a couples massage. The two of you can unwind and relax, leaving your stresses behind. If you accidentally left his refrigerator door open and all the food spoiled, head to the grocery store to replace as much as you can and add a few of his favorite treats and snacks.