How to Cut Jeans Into Shorts and Make Them Fray on the Pockets

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You could go to the store and pay cash for a pair of frayed denim shorts -- or you can make them yourself in your own home. Distressed denim cutoffs with frayed pockets are an ideal summertime staple that will keep you comfortable and stylish. With just a few tools and a few minutes, you can create your own distressed cutoffs.

Step 1

Put your jeans on to decide how short you’d like them to be. Once you’ve settled on a length, measure down both sides either leg, starting at the inseam and working your way down. Mark the length with chalk on both side of one pant leg.

Step 2

Take your pants off. You should now have a chalk mark on both sides of one of your pant legs. Lay your measuring tape so it sits right under each chalk mark. Draw a line with your chalk so that your two markings now connect.

Step 3

Cut along your chalk line.

Step 4

Fold your jeans in half. Using your chalk, trace the line of your cutoff pant leg onto your other pant leg.

Step 5

Cut along your marked line. Both pant legs should now be cut off.

Step 6

Try your jeans on and check the length. If they seem too long, measure, mark and cut them again.

Step 7

Rub a cheese grater over the pocket of your jeans to create a drastic fray. If you want something softer, swap out your cheese grater for sandpaper.

Step 8

Put your jeans in the washing machine to fray the ends.