Cupcake Themed Birthday Party Games

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Cupcakes can be a treat enjoyed as part of a birthday celebration, but they can also be the theme of the party. For a child who enjoys baking or eating frosted cakes, a cupcake theme is the perfect fit. Of course serving cupcakes instead of traditional birthday cake is an obvious way to incorporate the theme into the party, but playing cupcake themed birthday party games is another way to bring the theme to all aspects of the party celebration.

Pin the Candy on the Cupcake

Create a poster that features the image of a cupcake and invite guests to play, "Pin the Candy on the Cupcake" game. The game follows the same rules as the popular party game, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," but instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, the players attempt to tape a piece of hard candy to the top of the cupcake image. You can also use paper cutouts in the shape of candy or sprinkles.

Cupcake Board Game

Engage guests in board games and use mini-cupcakes as the game pieces. Create a Tic-Tac-Toe board game out of licorice pieces. Decorate some cupcakes with a circular candy top to represent the "O's" and other cupcakes with an "X" made out of licorice. Then allow guests to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe using the cupcakes as game pieces. Or play other popular childhood board games and use mini-cupcakes to replace the original game pieces.

Scavenger Hunt

Send guests on a scavenger hunt for cupcake related items. Hide ingredients for your favorite cupcake recipe including a bag of flour, bag of sugar, a few eggs and a container of frosting or sprinkles. Once the party guests have located all the ingredients, help them bake their own cupcakes or have some cupcakes already made and help the guests decorate their own cake.

Other Party Games

Have a variety of cupcakes available for guests and send them on a cake walk to receive their treat. Set an array of cupcakes on a table to display. Offer cupcakes in a variety of flavors, sizes and decorations. Number the plates the cupcakes are on and set corresponding numbers in a circle on the floor. Play music and have guests walk from number to number. When the music stops, the number on which they are standing represents the number of the corresponding cupcake that they get to eat. Other cupcake themed games include creating bean bags in the shape of cupcakes and asking guests to toss them into a basket or seeing who can juggle the bean bags for the longest time.

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