How to Create Printable Sympathy Cards for Free

by Jennifer Elrod

Sympathy cards are sent when someone we know and love has lost someone special. Comfort and Grace.com states that proper etiquette dictates that we send a sympathy card as soon as possible. This may mean you do not have the time to go out and buy that perfect card. Or perhaps you would rather create one yourself so you can personalize the message and make it more meaningful for the person receiving the sympathy card. It is easy to create a free printable sympathy card at home. You can choose to do it online or from the desktop publishing software installed on your computer.


Use an online website that offers free printable sympathy cards. Open your Internet browser. Type, or copy and paste, an address into your address bar. Some good free sites include MagicalKingdom.co.uk, Hooverwebdesign.com and Printfree.com. These sites offer a large selection of sympathy cards to choose from.

Scan through the sympathy cards available. To see one bigger, simply click on the card. Hooverwebdesign.com lets you download the template so you can add your own text. You will need to install Adobe reader to download them. Adobe is a free installation. Simply visit Adobe.com if you do not have it already installed on your computer. The other two sites will not allow you to add your own text before printing.

Click on "File," then on "Print" when you are ready to print out your sympathy card. Use a high grade ink to get the best results for your card. Fill in any text you wish to add once the printed card has completely dried.

Desktop Publishing Software

Open an office application from the desktop publishing software on your computer. This could be Microsoft Word, Print Shop, Print Master or any other publishing software that contains an office application feature.

Click on "New" to open up a new document. There should be a window that opens where you can choose the type of document you wish to open. Look for a greeting card template. You may find a sympathy card template listed here.

Scan through the sympathy card templates available. Click on the one you want, then watch as it opens up on your screen. From here you can add text, clip art or pictures to the card.

Save your work and do a spelling and grammar check. Print out a test copy. Check to see that everything on the card is correct. If not, make the corrections on your computer, then print again.