Cool Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Hunting for brightly colored eggs is an Easter tradition. Kids love the thrill of discovering an egg hidden underneath a rose bush or perched in a low tree branch. However, if you'd like to turn a traditional egg hunt into something a little more creative, here are some ideas for cool Easter egg hunts.

Treasure Hunt

Prepare a set of clues for each child. Write each clue on a slip of paper and tuck each one into a plastic egg. Hide them in various locations around the house or outside. The last clue should lead to an Easter basket or other treasure. Give each child the egg with the first clue in it, and send them hunting. To avoid the children accidentally picking up someone else's clue, designate a different egg color for each child.

Scavenger Hunt

Instead of letting kids just gather all the eggs they can find, set up a scavenger hunt. Make up a list for each child with the kinds of eggs he should find. It might look something like this:

Find 2 green eggs Find 4 eggs with stripes ___Find 3 yellow eggs

Make sure there are enough eggs of each color so every child can complete his list. Give each child a pencil and basket and tell him to only get eggs on his list--that way it doesn't leave someone short.

Find Your Color Egg Hunt

This hunt will ensure the kids get an equal amount of eggs. Buy or color eggs so you have a different color for each child who will be participating. They don't have to be solid colors, you can do stripes or polka dots, just as long as they are mostly the same. Give each child a basket with a colored egg in it; he will be looking for eggs only in that color. Tell the children how many eggs they will be looking for so they will know when they are done.

Indoor Hunt

Don't let a rainy day spoil the Easter egg hunt--an inside hunt can be just as fun. Designate which rooms will be part of the hunt. The difficulty can be based on the age of the kids. You can even designate rooms for different age groups. For younger kids, hide the eggs in places they are visible. For older kids and teens, you can really bury those eggs.

Hunt in the Dark

For older kids, a nighttime Easter egg hunt can be fun. Hide brightly colored eggs around the yard or at a park. When it gets dark, give each child a flashlight (you can buy them cheap at a dollar store) and a basket. You could also paint the eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint.