Clothes Etiquette for Women Over 50

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Stylists deem 50 the new 40. As you enter your 50s, choose age-appropriate clothing to look sexy, sophisticated and on trend. As you continue growing into the next stage of your life, so does your fashion sense and personal style. Set yourself free of youth-intended designs and silhouettes that can make you look old and dated. Combine your beauty, earned experience and chic style to leave an indelible fashion stamp wherever you go.

Know Thy 50-Plus Self

Whether you believe in style etiquette or not, be your own rebel and create your own rules. According to fashion stylist and host Stacy London, women need to consider their body type, age and lifestyle to decide what trends work best for them. Don't cling to a yesteryear dress size -- learn what fits best for your body shape right now. This frees you to shop by look and fit as you customize your outfits. Purge your closet of any frumpy, baggy or shapeless clothing to make room for stylish, properly fitted ensembles that get you noticed at any age.

Express Your Reinvented Self

Get to know or rediscover your likes and dislikes throughout your flirty 50s. Express your reinvented self with signature style pieces and avoid fad-driven pieces, which often tend to look youth oriented. As you age, wearing fewer fashion pieces at one time to make a statement. If you enjoy patent leather trends, wear one piece, such as a textured handbag or killer boots. Wear stylish metallics by selecting pieces made with fine fabrics. Look for a standout, soft leather jacket in copper and gold tones and mix it with an elegant lace skirt.

Fabulously Patterned

Dare to push the fashion envelope in your 50s by selecting garments made of boldly printed textiles. Whether you select a patterned blouse or pencil skirt, these pieces are attention grabbers in any setting. Don't shy away from animal prints in skirts or blouses. Wear your ensemble picks with confidence, setting the tone that you own your sense of style. If subtle patterns are more your groove, layer a structured trench coat with a bold, printed lining over your ensemble. You'll be sure to silence any room when you slide off the stylish overcoat.

Flirty Flattering Styles

Instead of hiding your figure, accentuate your natural curves by wearing slimming garments. Avoid shapeless garments, including roomy blouses or boxy sweaters. Go for a contoured blouse in a wrap style with a high, detailed neckline finished with a decorative edging. Opt for a long, patterned knit in a rich yarn, such as cashmere or mohair. Select a knitted style that contours your frame and cinch your waist with a belt for added definition. Take the look an extra step by layering a chic, long-length cardigan over a matching dress and wear chunky-heel boots and handbag, both in a crocodile texture.