Cigar Home Parties for Men

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Whether you're celebrating a recent birth or relaxing with a good conversation, cigars are an indulgence often enjoyed in groups. The treat can also be the inspiration for a men's-only party at home. Gather the guys for a relaxing night-in to sample and share some smokes. There are a variety of themes to enhance a cigar party, including hosting a professional cigar roller, sharing favorite brands, dressing for a Cuban feel or pairing the tobacco with appropriate foods and drinks.


Host a cigar-pairing party at your home. Provide foods and drinks that will complement the style of cigar you've selected for the night. Hard cheeses, fruit and dark chocolates are all said to complement the flavor of cigars. Serve drinks such as red wines, bourbon and scotch. Avoid any rich or creamy foods or drinks, as they will clash with the cigars. Set out the refreshments on a buffet table or scatter them on plates around the room where guys can sample them as they smoke.


Host a Cuba-themed cigar party at your home. The country is known for its tobacco farming and cigar rolling, so make sure to include lots of the smokes (if you live in a country that allows their import). Continue the theme with a tropical Cuban feel, with palm tree decorations and exotic flowers. Encourage all the guys to wear a floral shirt to get in the spirit. Host the event next to a pool, if you have one. Set up plenty of lawn chairs outside where everyone can relax and enjoy their cigars.


Hire a professional cigar roller to come to your home and teach everyone the art of cigar making. Many cigar rollers are available for private parties and will usually bring everything needed to create the smokes. Watch them roll each cigar from start-to-finish while also learning about the history of the indulgence as well as proper etiquette for smoking. After the show, taste the creation by smoking the cigars that were rolled in front of you.


Invite the guys over for a cigar-trading party. Each man probably has his own taste when it comes to cigars, so ask guests to bring enough of their favorite style to share with everyone. If people can't bring a lot of cigars, ask them to instead bring just one. Each man should share a little bit about why he likes that particular brand of cigar before trading it with others around the room. Not only will guests discover new types of cigars, but they'll also meet new people and enjoy socializing along the way.