Christmas in July Party Planning Ideas

by Jennifer Eblin

Christmas is Christmas, even in July.

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The Christmas season is filled with dozens of events, forcing guests to rush from one party to the next. Some companies and families are getting a jump on the event, sponsoring a Christmas in July party. The party is the same as at Christmas, only in warm temperatures. Planning now for a Christmas in July party will help you pull off the event without a hitch.

Set the Theme

Because the bright sunshine and warm temperatures will not fit your Christmas theme, it is important to immediately get guests into the mood, preferably upon arrival. Hang a few Christmas decorations outside, such as candy canes or a wreath. An oversized inflatable snowman or Santa Claus is another option. Use holly and candle centerpieces on your tables and make name tags for each place setting. Each guest’s name written on a piece of paper and attached to a candy cane is a simple marker. Empty boxes wrapped in Christmas-style paper is another simple decoration for the party. If children are present, have Santa Claus make an appearance.

White Elephant Exchange

A white elephant exchange is sometimes known as dirty Santa or naughty Santa. Ask each guest to bring a small wrapped present. Set a budget, asking that all gifts cost less than $10. The gifts all go in the center of the room and each person draws a number to determine the order for picking gifts. The first person picks a present, unwraps it and shows the other guests. The next person has the option of taking the present from the last person or picking a new gift. If picking the last gift, then the last person must choose a new one. Keep the game going until everyone has picked a gift.

Christmas Menu

Create a menu full of the same dishes you would offer at a winter party. Start with a variety of Christmas cookies, including sugar cookies shaped like Santa Claus, reindeer and bells or stars. Offer different types of candy as well, such as fudge. Give your guests different warm drinks, like hot chocolate or peppermint tea. If you are hosting a sitdown dinner, provide your guests with roast duck, pork, turkey or ham, with side dishes like mashed potatoes, creamed onions and warm rolls.

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