Cheap & Fun Places for the Family

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Getting out and spending quality time with your family is essential, as it helps build memories and allows you to bond with the ones you love. Finding cheap and fun places for the family isn't easy, as nowadays everything seems to cost a bundle. With a little bit of searching and planning, you can find some affordable family activities that fit your personal budget.

Dollar Movie Night

Families love to go to the movie theater together, however; nowadays the movies aren't as affordable as they used to be. Search your local dollar movie theater and choose an appropriate movie for the whole family to enjoy, or go for a matinée on the weekend.

Roller Skating Rink

Check with your local roller skating center and ask about family night. Many roller skating facilities offer family discounts where you pay one set price for the whole family. This can save families a bundle and allow them to enjoy a fun family activity for less.

Visit a Museum

Go on a learning adventure and visit a museum. Check with Free Museum Day ( online to find your local listings. Once you enter your information you can find out what days you can take your family to a museum for free. This can be the perfect family adventure and you only have to pay for the gas to get there.

Picnic at a Park

Plan a fun-filled picnic at a park. If the weather is nice outside, take your family to your local park or find a new one your family hasn't visited yet. You can pack everyone a sack lunch or you can bring some hotdogs and grill out. Bring a basketball for the courtyard and a football or frisbee to play near the grass area. This is a great activity for spending quality time with your family for less.

Go Sightseeing

Take a drive and go sightseeing. Visit an area your family hasn't seen yet. Bring binoculars and hiking boots. Once you find a public destination that looks interesting, get out and walk around. Take photos and simply enjoy the outdoor scenery.