Can You Use Egg Roll Wraps to Make Pot Stickers?

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Pot stickers make a delicious addition to a soup and are just as incredible when pan-fried and served as an appetizer. These small dumplings, also commonly called gyoza, use a round wrap as opposed to the egg roll's square wrap. However, with a little work, you can reshape egg roll wraps and make them work for these traditional dumplings.

Shaping the Wrappers

Egg roll wraps are made of the same ingredients as pot sticker wraps. If you cannot source pot sticker dough locally, egg roll wraps are a good substitution. Use a cup, cookie cutter or dough cutter to trim egg roll wraps into circles for use in pot sticker recipes. If you plan on frying the pot stickers, standard egg roll wrappers will work fine. However, if you plan on eating the dumplings steamed or simmered in a soup, look for thin wrappers that hold up better without frying. Keep in mind that many producers creating pot sticker wraps label them as gyoza wrappers; when given a choice, use gyoza wraps over egg roll wraps for ease of use.