Can I Use Egg Roll Wraps for Making Wontons?

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Though technically not the same thing, egg roll wrappers can be used to make wontons when you do not have proper wonton wrappers and plan to deep-fry or pan-fry the filled dough. Though some trimming is required to shape the egg roll wrappers to the appropriate size of wonton wrappers, the finished result will be similar in taste, texture and appearance.

The Rap on Wraps

Egg roll wraps are most similar to thick wonton wraps intended for frying and are made of the same ingredients -- eggs, wheat flour and water. While they are easily exchangeable for wonton skins when using them for fried wontons, they should not be used for ones that will be steamed, because the thicker dough does not work well with this cooking method. Cut egg roll wraps to a smaller square or circle, usually 3 1/2 inches in diameter or per side, before filling and frying them. Store unused egg roll wraps in the refrigerator in a zippered bag for up to one week, or freeze them for several months.