What Can I Cook Using a Little Bit of Ground Beef?

Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

A small amount of ground beef, less than a half pound, is plenty to make a meal for one or two people. A little bit of ground beef can do good things in a quick, not-so-fancy dish. Technically, anything you can cook with a large amount of ground beef, you can cook with a small amount, but you might as well be creative and break a few rules.

Hot Dog Chili

That small bit of ground beef will make a wonderfully meaty hot dog condiment. Brown the ground beef and add some spices. Stir in tomato sauce or, if you are low on the proper sauce-making staples, ketchup will do fine. It’s for a hot dog, after all.

Revved-Up Burger

You have just enough ground beef for one or two small burgers, but make the burgers special with spices and sautéed onions, green pepper and mushrooms. Cook the burgers in a frying pan or in the oven and serve them on buns. Turn that little bit of ground beef into a satisfying, slide-off-the-bun, eat-it-with-a-fork burger.

Personal Pot Pies

Brown the ground beef, add mixed vegetables and spoon the mix into hollowed-out canned biscuits. Bake the biscuits as instructed on the packaging and add cheese when they are just about done. The little pot pies are small enough for children to pick them up and eat without utensils.