Cake Ideas for a 40th Wedding Anniversary

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A wedding anniversary party is a joyous celebration honoring the day that the couple was married. For the 40th wedding anniversary, the cake can be either traditional or modern. The 40th anniversary is the ruby or garnet anniversary, so the color red takes center stage with cakes. Ideas for decorating the cake include accenting it with red roses, creating a red jewel border made of homemade red candy jewels or using red fillings.

Red Frosting

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Celebrate the ruby wedding anniversary by decorating the cake with red butter-cream frosting or covering the cake in red fondant. Different shades of red can be used together in the border or red butter-cream frosting can be piped on to accent a white cake. Red butter-cream accents can be piped as dots, small hearts or monograms.

Red Rose Decoration

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Red roses make a dramatic statement of love for a 40th anniversary. You can use the flowers or buds of real roses. Put small red sweetheart roses around the base, or use large red roses as a cake topper. If you prefer, decorate the cake with real petals sprinkled on each tier of the cake.

Red Candy Jewel Accents

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Red jewel candy can be purchased from specialty cake decorating shops or created at home using high-temperature candy molds and a hard candy boiled sugar mixture. Put the candies in a border along the sides of the cake or sprinkle them on each tier.

Red Cake or Filling

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If you want a white cake, use a filling that's red. Great choices include raspberry, strawberry and cherry fruit fillings or butter-cream frosting tinted red. You can also bake a red cake and cover it with white frosting. For the red cake batter, use fresh fruit purees and red food coloring.