Birthday Party Invitation Ideas for a 90 Year Old

James Baigrie/Photodisc/Getty Images

Celebrating 90 years of life is a cause for celebration, and is seen by many as a great accomplishment. If you're putting together a party for a family member or friend who is celebrating a 90th birthday, make the invitations for the event just as engaging as the party will be.

Antique Invitations

Decorate the invitation in the style of a valuable antique letter. Use sepia paper or specialty invitation stock paper with a brown tint, and write the invitation details (time, date, and location of the party) with a special pen, like a calligraphy pen or fountain pen, so that the writing is formal. Fold the invitations and present them in matching envelopes to guests, or use small frames to house each invitation so that each party guest will have a significant party favor before the celebration even begins. Choose a frame made from distressed metal to complete the antique look of the invitation.

Picture Invitations

Use a picture of the guest of honor as the backdrop for the birthday party invitation. For instance, enlarge the birthday boy's baby picture from the 1920s, or use a picture of the birthday girl when she was a teenager; a black-and-white or sepia photo is best. Use gold or silver type on this type of invitation, since it will make the document look timeless and sophisticated.

A more recent picture of the guest of honor enjoying his favorite hobby or spending time with her grandchildren also makes an ideal invitation as well. Roll the invitation in the shape of a scroll and tie it together with a strip of satin or lace.

Birthstone Invitations

The color of the birthstone of the 90-year old serves as great inspiration for a party invitation. Using a birthstone for the party and invitation theme says that the guest of honor is just as beautiful and timeless as the stone representing her birthday. For instance, if the 'birthday girl' was born in May, use emerald green paper for the invitations, and feature gold or silver lettering. Or, choose white invitation stock paper and emboss it with green font. Adorn the corners of the invitation with small plastic emeralds as well. To make the invitation a keepsake, purchase large plastic or glass emerald-colored paper weights, and have the invitation's details engraved onto the item.