Birthday Party Decorations Flash Gordon Theme

A Flash Gordon themed birthday party is an excellent idea for any science fiction fan. Flash Gordon was originally created 1934 and has the subject of various television shows, cartoons and movies through the 1980s. In 2007, Flash Gordon was made popular again when the Sci Fi Channel created another television series surrounding the character. Not only will a Flash Gordon themed birthday party delight fans of the space adventurer and guests, but decorating for the party can be simple and inexpensive.

Color Scheme

First select a color scheme for your party decorations. When throwing a Flash Gordon themed birthday party, use colors that represent Flash Gordon himself. Flash Gordon's appearance was revamped throughout the years. The majority of the time, though, the space hero wore a costume of red and black. An exception was a cartoon series in the 1980s in which his outfit was red, yellow and blue. Either of these two color combinations will work well with the theme and since red was in both outfits, it should be the main color.

Basic Decorations

With a color scheme selected, you can purchase the basic decorations. Select balloons and streamers in matching colors. Streamers should be twisted and used to adorn the ceiling--they can easily be attached with tape. Balloons should be filled with helium and tied together in various bunches. Strategically place the bunches of balloons throughout the party area. Purchase table linens in red and use them to cover both the food table and the gift table.

Detailed Decorations

Since Flash Gordon was a space adventurer, this theme offers many small details you can easily incorporate to set the stage for the party. Hang posters from various Flash Gordon movies and cartoons throughout the party area. Purchase silver stars to hang from the ceiling and tape on the walls, as well as inflatable planets and an inflatable sun to hang from the ceiling. Strands of blue Christmas lights could provide a good source of lighting and give the room a spacey feel. Place glow sticks and glow necklaces on tables--not only will these add decoration but guests will have fun using them as well.