Best Haircuts for Curly Hair


0:01 Tilt your head back for me and you are going to shake it and I'm just loosening it up so

0:08 that the curls can be loose and airy. Everything you want to do is to take the center of gravity

0:14 away so that you can really work those curls in, support the curl as you are drying it

0:20 and keep it from pulling out because weight on the hair from the product or too much hair

0:27 depending on the cut can really pull that curl out. The best cut to do for curly hair

0:34 is a rounded layer cut. You want to ask your stylist or service provider to really eliminate

0:41 some of the weight so that it is not just all one length and whether that is short or

0:46 long you really want to take the weight off of the hair as much as possible so that you

0:51 can utilize the curl formation. Use a confixor which is a medium hold gel and I am doing

0:59 about a quarter size in my hand and I'm going to work it starting on the ends of the hair

1:04 and really work it up into the hair.