Beer Mug Centerpiece Ideas

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Beer mug centerpieces make festive table decor for bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as St. Patrick's Day bashes. Beer enthusiasts will also appreciate customized, mug-inspired table decor for their birthday parties. Use everything from golden-hued craft items and flowers to edible treats when creating the whimsical centerpieces to celebrate a special event.

Blooming Beer Mug

Pretty up a heavy glass beer mug using fresh flowers. Fill a clear glass mug with golden-colored water gel beads to resemble beer. When you soak the sparkling gel beads in water for several hours, they will expand and hold onto the liquid. Insert a cut-to-fit bouquet of white carnations into the gel beads so the heads rest on the rim to look like beer foam. Set the blooming centerpiece in the middle of the party table.

Edible Decor

Use sweet treats to design a realistic-looking mug of beer. Guests can nibble on the candies at the end of the party or take small bags of them home as favors. Fill a large clear glass beer mug with wrapped butterscotch candies, allowing 3 inches at the top. Top the candies with small or regular-size marshmallows to resemble foam. Use lemon drops in place of the butterscotch candies if you desire.

Floating Candle

Transform a beer mug into an elegant centerpiece using a floating candle. The candle will cast a warm glow across the party table; line several centerpieces up along a long table to illuminate the entire surface. Dye water a golden yellow hue using a food coloring, and pour it into the beer mug. Place a round, white floating candle on top of the water and light it.

Beer Mug Bouquet

Create a rustic centerpiece for a country-inspired birthday bash. Choose an antique pewter beer mug for a casual look. As a special touch, have the mug engraved with a special message, such as "Happy Birthday," followed by the honoree's first name. Fill the mug with water and a handful of sunflowers or wildflowers to add color and charm to the party table.