Barbecued Brisket Recipe


0:05 master build and the author of dadgum s

0:08 good today we're cooking a beef brisket

0:11 we're smoking a beef brisket but what do

0:13 you think of when you think of a brisket

0:15 think of hard intimidating a hassle

0:18 tough dry it's one of those recipes that

0:21 a lot of people just don't want to fool

0:23 with well we're gonna change all of that

0:25 with this recipe its dadgum good and

0:28 we're gonna make it dadgum easy and

0:30 here's the ingredients that you need you

0:32 start out with a five pound beef brisket

0:35 with the fat still own untrimmed and

0:38 then we're going to go to the

0:39 ingredients we've got 1/2 cup of paprika

0:41 4 tablespoons of onion powder 4

0:44 tablespoons of garlic powder 2 and a

0:48 half tablespoons of dried oregano 2 and

0:50 a half tablespoons of kosher salt 1

0:53 tablespoon of freshly ground pepper and

0:55 last on the list is 1 tablespoon of

0:58 cayenne pepper all of these are gonna be

1:00 blended together for a dry rub going on

1:03 that beef brisket so let's get started

1:05 first your paprika onion powder garlic

1:12 powder whew dried oregano kosher salt

1:18 and the last two pepper and black pepper

1:23 and cayenne pepper

1:26 blend all of that together this makes a

1:28 great dry seasoning rub that we're gonna

1:34 put all over as much of this as we can

1:38 get to stay on that beef brisket ass

1:40 possible ok here comes the fun we're

1:44 gonna take this dry seasoning and first

1:46 put it in an empty flat pan and you're

1:53 going to take your beef brisket and

1:54 start on the not fat side first and lay

1:59 it in that pen and get that dry rub

2:03 completely covering the entire brisket

2:08 very important get the sides and both

2:13 sides

2:14 and then take again as much of that

2:17 seasoning as you possibly can and

2:20 completely coat now once you do this

2:23 you're going to lose sight of which side

2:26 is the fat side the reason that's

2:28 important to not forget is this beef

2:31 brisket must go on the smoker with the

2:33 fat side up you want all of that to

2:37 actually act as marinating and making it

2:39 juicy

2:40 through the process and the more of this

2:43 dry marinade that you can keep on

2:45 without making too much of a mess the

2:48 more you're going to get that nice crust

2:50 on the outside of that beef brisket you

2:53 don't know which side is the fat side up

2:57 or not so just give it a little rub and

2:59 you can tell there's my fat side that's

3:02 gonna go up on the smoker all right now

3:06 it's time to put it on the smoker we've

3:08 got the masterbuilt smoker house

3:09 electric smoker set at 225 degrees and

3:13 we're gonna put it on the bottom rack

3:16 okay

3:17 now if you'll notice keep all that

3:20 seasoning on there like we said we're

3:23 gonna put this on the bottom okay right

3:27 up here we've got one dome we've got

3:30 some corn casseroles going on at the

3:31 same time so what I'm gonna do is go

3:34 inside and take a quick break and wash

3:36 my hands to come back and cut up that

3:38 brisket for you

3:39 alright the smell is killing me beef

3:42 brisket smoked is one of the best

3:44 recipes if it's done right and I think

3:47 we've just mastered that so let's take a

3:49 look now again we put this beef brisket

3:52 on about three and a half to four hours

3:55 ago

3:55 five pound brisket can take three to

3:58 five hours but you want the internal

4:00 temperature to be 180 degrees so take a

4:04 look at our results now my friend that

4:14 is gonna be one of those recipes that

4:19 you're gonna want all your friends to

4:21 come over for because that I'm telling

4:26 you I've cooked a lot of beef brisket

4:28 this is gonna rank as one of my better

4:30 ones because the juice is wonderful now

4:36 something that nice-lookin deserves a

4:41 little bit of a reward folks I'm John

4:47 Mac no more with masterbuilt and dadgum

4:50 that's good because I'm telling you that

4:52 it's gonna be dadgum good

5:04 you