Bachelorette Pool Party Games

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A bachelorette party is typically a racy and wild party that includes sexual innuendos, themes and games. A bachelorette party is the single girl's last fling with her friends where there is usually drinking and adult gifts given. A pool party is ideal for a bachelorette party as girls can lounge, relax and celebrate a friend's pending wedding. There are also many games that are adaptable to a pool setting, which will make for a memorable bachelorette party.

Condom Slide

Play a game of condom-style chicken. Each girl sits on the ground a few feet from the pool's edge and takes a turn sliding a condom (in a wrapper) towards the pool. The girl who slides it closest to the edge without going over wins the game. Each girl gets three tries, and can try to bump other players off into the water. Each time your condom falls into the water, whether you slid it or someone else bumps yours, you must take a shot of alcohol. Play with condom wrappers in different colors so it is easier to tell whose is whose.

Dive and Retrieve

Scatter plastic penis toys across the bottom of the pool. Use heavy, solid plastic toys so they do not float to the surface. This game can be played at the same time by all participants, or one at a time. Each girl will have to dive into the pool and see how many of the toys she can collect before returning to the surface. Once she returns to the surface she cannot dive back under water to retrieve more. The girl who collects the most toys during her dive wins the game.

Noodle Bullseye

Set up an inner tube that has an open center propped upright at the edge of a pool. To secure in place, use a waterproof duct tape. Each girl will take a turn tossing pool noodles through the center of the inner tube. The girl who successfully passes the most noodles through the center of the tube wins. Set a time limit on each girl's turn, depending on how many pool noodles you have. For an added element and if you don't have many noodles, incorporate a dive into the water to retrieve more noodles into the game, but make sure you adjust the time limit accordingly.