Baby Shower Games for Boys

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If you are throwing a baby shower for a friend or loved one who is expecting a boy, you can design and plan a party to celebrate the new little man. Aside from blue decorations and signs or balloons announcing, "It's a Boy," you can prepare shower games specific to a baby boy as well.

Function of Showers

Female friends and relatives traditionally throw a baby shower for an expectant mother. It has become increasingly common, though, for the father and other men to participate. Guests "shower" the mom or parents with gifts for the new baby. They enjoy food and cake, and they also play fun games. One game often played at baby showers is a word game where guests try to spell the most words using the letters in the parents' names. An alternative for a "boy" themed shower would be to use the letters in the baby's full name, or the letters in the phrase "It's a Boy."

Significance of Blue

Blue is used to decorate for and dress baby boys. Use it as a factor in your shower games. Place several blue baby items--a pair of booties, a rattle or a pacifier--on a tray. Leave the tray in a prominent place. However, do not call any attention to it. When you are ready to play the game, remove the tray from view. Hand everyone a paper and pen. Ask them to write down as many items on the tray as they can remember. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Features of Word Game

Play another word game. Come up with a list of boy-related words or phrases. Scramble the letters of each word. Print your list with enough space for guests to write the correct words. Set a timer and the guest who completes the most words correctly wins a prize. Some words and phrases you might use include race cars, baseball, frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails.


Anyone who has ever diapered a baby boy knows that you have to be quick before he "springs a leak!" Ask guests to choose a teammate or assign teams. Give each team a large water balloon, a diaper and pins, if you use cloth (disposable is fine), a straight pin and a blindfold. Have one person in each team put on the blindfold and hold the diaper. On your command, the second teammate will poke a small hole in the water balloon. Direct her blindfolded partner on where to place the diaper. The first team to finish wins.

Time Frame

Begin planning for your shower and sending invitations at least six weeks in advance. This will give guests time to plan for the event and give you time to shop for decorations, prizes and food. A good length of time for a baby shower to last is about two hours. Allow guests and the expectant mom or parents to eat and chat for thirty to forty-five minutes. Play games for another thirty minutes. Present gifts, which will likely take another half hour, and then allow time for more chatting.