"Ancient Rome" Themed Birthday Parties for Kids

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Encourage your child to think of a party theme for his next birthday that is really different and still related to something he likes. For the kid who thinks Julius Caesar was pretty cool, or is fascinated with Roman gladiators, throw him an ancient-Rome-themed birthday party. Turn your backyard into the Roman Colosseum or a beautiful Roman garden and let the games begin.


Send out invitations made of brown parchment paper like they would have used in ancient Rome. The wording of the invitation could say something like, "The New Roman Republic Requests your Presence in Celebrating the Life of General Tommy," or "You're Invited to the Gladiator Duel of the Century!" Encourage kids to come wearing a white sheet over their clothes, worn the way the ancient Romans did.


If possible, have the party outdoors and cover any fences or the side of your house with plastic vines. Rent Roman-styled columns from an event supply store and spread them out throughout the backyard, and hang the vines on those as well. Leave plenty of space in the middle for the kids to run around and play. Place decorative vines on and surrounding the food table as well.


Serve foods that were eaten in ancient Rome but are also something kids would eat such as grapes, nuts and cubed cheeses. Serve grape juice in plastic cups made to look like wine goblets. Although the ancient Romans may not have eaten pizza, serve it anyway as most kids love pizza, and it's Italian. For the cake, have a cake made to look like a gladiator or have a cake with a picture of the Roman Colosseum on it.

Games and Activities

Rent an inflatable jousting ring that will allow the kids to duel each other in a safe but entertaining way. Hand out plastic or inflatable swords and let the children have a pretend sword fight. Have the kids face off in "gladiator" competitions, such as tug-of-war, arm wrestling, and racing games.