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MySpace is a popular on-line social networking site where you share information with friends over the Internet. It is a great tool for keeping in touch with family and friends who live far away. MySpace allows you to personalize your page with pictures and music playlists. You can also post bulletins for your friends to see. Read more to learn how to insert links and pictures in a MySpace bulletin using HTML.

About MySpace Bulletins

If your profile page is set to “public”--for everyone to see--and you want to share something just with your friends, the MySpace bulletin is the way to go. MySpace bulletins are a great way to exchange information with your friends without posting to your public MySpace page. The only drawback is that the bulletin layout offered by MySpace is very basic, with limited options for sharing information. There is no option to insert clickable links or pictures in the bulletin. Say you've come across a really cool website or you've created a new one of your own and you want to share it with your friends. There is a way to do this. Follow the simple steps below using basic HTML to insert links and pictures in a MySpace bulletin.

How to Insert a Link in a MySpace Bulletin

Once you have logged into your MySpace page, select the “Friends” tab at the top of the home page. Select “Bulletins” in the drop down box. Click on “Post bulletin” link in top left hand corner of the bulletin page. Enter your subject and type in your message in the bulletin body. Once you’ve come to the place in your bulletin message where you want to insert the link type in <ahref=""></a>. Between the quotes type in the web address you want to direct your friends to. Say you want to send them to Demand Studios. This is what the full code would look like: <ahref=""></a>.

Now insert the text you want to use for the link. It could be something like "Click here to go to Demand Studio’s website." Here is an example: <a href="">Click here to go to Demand Studio’s website</a>.

You are finished. The link in your bulletin should like this: “Click here to go to Demand Studio’s website.”