Adult Roast Party Invitation Ideas

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Given the right honoree and some people talented at making humorous speeches, a roast can be an entertaining evening, making for a memorable party. Roasts are often given for retirements or to commemorate some special occasion, or they can simply honor someone for a lifetime of good work or friendship. When sending out your invitations, consider what sort of themes you might incorporate in your roast. The night's theme can provide ideas for your roast party invitations.

Classic Dino

For invitation ideas, try the classic roast style made famous by Dean Martin in the 1970s and early '80s. Use Dino's classic logo on the front of the invitation. Put a picture of the honoree in a circle with the words "Man of the Hour" circling around the photo. Plan the theme around a dinner. If you're planning on a lot of guests, rent a hall or room of a restaurant and set up the roast table at the front with the honoree just off the center, beside the podium and microphone. Speaking guests will sit at the table, taking turns giving their roast. In the invitation, list the dinner menu along with the names of the speakers.

Honor the Honoree

Start your roast party with a little fun on the invitations. Have a caricature of the honoree drawn and use that for the front of the invitations. Caricatures poke a little fun at appearances and the roast is going to poke a little fun at the person, so the two fit together nicely. You might also use a large scale of the caricature as part of the room's decor. Frame it and make it a gift for the honoree to remember the night. In the invitation, be sure to include all required party information. If the roast will be open-mic styled, with any guest having the chance to speak up, be sure to mention that so your guests can prepare in advance.

Roasts and Fire

Roasts conjure images of fire, such as the fiery pits of Hell, and for some, going through a roast can seem like a trip through Dante's Inferno. But it's all in good fun. Use this as your theme, bringing it out on the invitations with images of flames dancing around a podium. For something slightly darker in humor, use an image-editing software package and create a picture of the honoree on a spit, being roasted over flames. At the roast itself, decorate with plenty of candles. If you are using a slide show for presentations, you can always add in a fiery frame to the images with a little computer magic.