How to Reduce Acne and Large Pores

Grata Victoria/iStock/Getty Images

No one likes dealing with acne and large pores, but if you notice the occasional breakout or big pores on your nose, it's time that you did something about it. Regardless of the cause of your acne and large pores, you can treat them, reducing the number of breakouts you experience and shrinking your pores to normal size. Though special creams and treatments exist, basic skin care is at the root of the cure.

Wash your skin each morning and night using a gentle face wash. This will remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt and debris from your skin and pores. By removing surface dirt, you prevent it from seeping down into your pores and clogging them and causing acne.

Splash your face with cold water immediately after rinsing off the cleanser. This will shrink your pores down tight and prevent material from entering them during the day.

Use alpha hydroxy acid creams to slough off dead skin cells faster, reduce blemishes and shrink pores. Glycolic acid and lactic acid-containing creams and peels are best for at-home use.

Treat skin with an anti-inflammatory salicylic acid gel or liquid to exfoliate your skin. Smooth on a few dots of benzoyl peroxide to spot-treat any blackheads or blemishes.

Use a face mask to reduce the size of your pores. An oatmeal mask might work for you. Just cook a serving of oatmeal, allow it to cool slightly then apply it to your face. Let the mask dry then rinse off with warm water. This will tighten up your pores and help remove material in them that causes breakouts.

Use a prescription cream to shrink your pores and reduce your acne breakouts. A commonly prescribed topical is Retin-A, which is derived from vitamin A and helps the skin slough off more quickly to create a more even texture and tone.