9 Boozy Frozen Treats for Adults

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Liven up your frozen treats this summer by spiking it with a little booze. Childhood classics boast a more mature edge in recipes like raspberry lambic sorbet, chocolate stout hot fudge sundae, and strawberry beer popsicles. Alcohol isn't only a fun addition; it also imparts a wonderful depth of flavor and complexity. So go on and live a little!

Raspberry Sorbetto Mimosa

Raspberry sorbetto mimosas are a wonderful alternative to the classic mimosa when you want a special brunch cocktail. Homemade raspberry sorbetto is a breeze to make, requiring only four ingredients. Make sure to plan ahead though! You'll need to wait about four hours for the sorbetto to freeze. Added bonus: the recipe shows you how to adjust for a mocktail -- perfect for a baby shower!

Shaina Olmanson

Raspberry Lambic Sorbet

The fruity flavors and low-bitterness of lambic beers lend themselves perfectly to sorbet. This spiked raspberry lambic sorbet balances the sweet tartness and delicate complexity of lambic beer in one playful dessert.

Jackie Dodd

Chocolate Stout Hot Fudge Sundae

Go all out and whip up your own beer-infused ice cream and hot fudge sauce. This recipe shows you how to make a three-ingredient chocolate stout hot fudge sauce to drizzle over your choice of ice cream, plus ten amazing beer ice cream recipes from maple bacon ale ice cream to blueberry beer cheesecake ice cream.

Jackie Dodd

Strawberry Beer Popsicles

Strawberry beer popsicles are a simple delight both to serve and to enjoy. Your guests will be thrilled to see a sweet, childhood favorite return with a fun, new twist. Strawberries and pale ale combine to create a creamy frozen treat that'll be sure to hit the sweet spot during a long, summer day.

Jackie Dodd

Peaches and Pecan Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Feel like indulging? Then make some of these deliciously rich and toothsome peaches and pecan bourbon ice cream sandwiches. No-churn, salted-pecan bourbon ice cream and sweet, juicy peach slices are smushed together between two chewy oatmeal cookies. The hard part will be stopping yourself from eating them all before they've had time to set in the freezer.

Shaina Olmanson

Guinness Beer Milkshake

Go green anytime of the year with this incredible Guinness Beer milkshake. The strong chocolate and coffee flavor of Guinness beer mellows out when blended into this thick and creamy treat. Top it off with a dollop of homemade whipped Irish cream and a drizzle of whiskey hot fudge and you're good to go!

Mary Dacuma

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Ice Cream

If you're the lucky owner of an ice cream maker, then you'll definitely need to bookmark this recipe for vanilla bean bourbon ice cream. Real vanilla beans impart an intense, fragrant and sophisticated vanilla flavor that melts into the complex depths of bourbon.

Jennifer Farley

Spiked Fresh Fruit Pops

Spiked fresh fruit pops are a no-fuss boozy dessert that are completely customizable. Additionally, any leftover mixture that doesn't fit in your molds can be kept in the refrigerator for a refreshing, fruit-infused cocktail as you wait for your treats to freeze.

Laura Beth Drilling/Demand Media

Watermelon Mint Beer Cooler

A sweet and refreshing watermelon mint beer cooler may just be the special cocktail you're looking for for your next summer fête. Colorful and bright both in looks and flavor, this summer cocktail is a wonderful introduction for those adverse to IPA beers.

Jackie Dodd