50th Birthday Party Table Ideas

50 in silber image by manu from Fotolia.com

When celebrating a 50th birthday at a venue where there are several tables, it creates a cohesive look to decorate the tables to fit the theme of the birthday party. There should be table covers, centerpieces, party favors, balloons and place settings. Choose a theme for the party and tie that to your 50th birthday party table decorations.


At age 50, a person celebrates her golden jubilee. Decorate tables with gold-and-white-colored table linens, glasses, plates, silverware, centerpieces and favors. Using only gold may be overwhelming, so mix it with a white or cream color to create more pleasing decorations. Use gold candles to create centerpieces, and gold boxes for party favors. Have gold party hats, bead necklaces, ribbon bracelets or pins on the tables for guests to wear and take home.


Purchase over-the-hill table covers, paper plates, cups, napkins, centerpieces and party favors. The colors of an over-the-hill party are black and white. Tie black-and-white balloons to the back of chairs.

Opt to have an over-the-hill table theme without buying the ready-made products. Use black and white as the theme colors, and leave the over-the-hill references to the cake and other decorations. Use real glasses and plates that are black. Sprinkle black and white ribbons on the tables.


Tie the number 50 into the table decorations. Use a table cover with the number 50 all over it. Purchase "50"-style birthday candles and add them to the centerpieces for each table, or gently push them into cupcakes for each guest's place setting. Get plates and napkins with the number 50 on them. Tie balloons with the number 50 on them to the table legs.