50th Birthday Party Ideas for a Dad

When a dad turns 50 it is generally a big milestone in his life. Throwing a 50th birthday party is a great way to let him know that he is loved, appreciated and special. Instead of having the usual type of birthday party you should consider throwing him a theme party.

Everything 50 Theme

A great theme for a dad’s 50th birthday party is to use the number 50 as the theme. Ideas include 50 cupcakes instead of a cake, glasses with the number 50 elegantly painted on them, 50 balloons and giving the birthday person 50 envelopes that contain sweet and funny messages written by party guests. Gift ideas include a gift bag that contains 50 pennies, another that contains 50 nickels and so on using dimes, quarters, half dollars and one dollar bills. Other 50-themed gift ideas include gift cards in $50 denominations to restaurants and favorite stores.

Flashback Party

A flashback party is a fun theme for a person’s 50th birthday. All you have to do is research the events that were going on the year before your dad’s birthday, the year he was born and the year after he was born to get your ideas and find items that will fit into the theme. Movie posters, political buttons, toys and more can be used as decorations. Relevant music should be played during the party and if possible party guests should dress in period clothing.

Geriatric Party

Instead of an "over the hill" party, go all-out and have a geriatric party for your dad’s 50th birthday. Decorations can include black balloons tied to rented wheelchairs and walkers. A hospital bed can be rented and used as the table. Place a piece of plywood on the mattress and cover it with a nice sheet. This will help to keep the food and drink items stable. The party hostess, or mom, can dress in a nurse uniform and gift items can include things such as geriatric diapers, fiber pills, vitamins, sexual health supplements, muscle cream, denture cream and more.