How Do I Cook a Black Forest Ham in a Crock Pot?

by Katina Coleman

Black Forest ham is a holiday ham alternative that comes from Germany. Smoked over fir and pine, salt-cured and air-dried, this ham has a dark color skin obtained through a coating of beef blood. Black Forest ham can be prepared similar to other hams. Crock-pot preparation thoroughly heats and tenderizes the already-cooked ham for a main course dish.

Place the Black Forest ham in the slow cooker.

Place the pineapple on top of and around the ham, and pour the canned juice over it.

Place the lid on the crock pot, and set to "Low."

Cook for 6 hours. When the internal temperature of your Black forest ham reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit on a meat thermometer, it is done.

Server your Black Forest ham with the pineapple.


  • Match the size of your Black Forest ham to the size of your crock pot. Use a pound of meat for every quart the pot holds. Add to the cooking time if you are heating with a frozen Black Forest ham.

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