Calories in Steak & Lube Food

by Kata Logan

Quaker Steak and Lube is a U.S. restaurant chain which boasts award-winning chicken wings served with a wide variety of sauces. The 35 outlets carry a motoring theme including cars and garage equipment in the decor.

Chicken Wings

The chicken wings are fried in their skin, and an average wing contains 166 calories. Most of the fat is in the skin, removing this you will lower your calorie intake to 100 calories per average wing.

Boneless wings are deep-fried, breaded strips of chicken breast. Each boneless wing contains 145 calories.

Wing Sauces

Steak and Lube offer over 20 varieties of sauces; the most popular 15 are listed with the calories per 1 oz serving: Hot 9; Atomic 12; Suicide 13; Honey Mustard 42; Buckeye BBQ 48; Barbecue 49: Arizona Ranch 88; Louisiana Lickers 88; Medium 96; PA Premium 106; Asian Sesame 140; Ranch 165; Cajun 146; Golden Garlic 124 and Mild 146.


All Steak and Lube meals are offered with salads, sides, sauces and toppings. Popular sides include onion rings, which contain 50 calories each; magna fries which contain 234 calories per 100 g; soft pretzels, listed at 132 calories each. Their 8 oz. burgers weigh in at 498 calories each, served plain, and each serving of baby back ribs contains 567 calories per rack.

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