Nutrition for Subway Foot-Long Sandwiches

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Part of Subway's marketing strategy is the focus on eating "fresh." This implies a nutritional advantage to eating at Subway instead of other fast food restaurants. For the most part, this assertion is justified. Subway offers a range of breads and fillings, many of them nutritious and low in fat. A few sandwiches on the menu are not for the weight conscious. The foot-long Meatball Marinara for example won't help you if you want to shed a few pounds.

Low Calorie Subs

Subway offers a range of low-fat sandwiches that are surprisingly low in calories, despite their large size. The Black Forest Ham, the Turkey Breast, and the Veggie Delight foot-longs all have less than 600 calories. Another three contain less than 700, and they all have less than 10 g of fat. Aside from the Veggie Delight sub, these sandwiches offer a healthy supply of protein, ranging from 35 g to 52 g.

Moderate Calorie Subs

The Sweet Onion Teriyaki sandwich is one of Subway's low-fat subs, but has a more substantial 760 calories. With 50 g of protein as well, it is a healthy and filling sub. The Steak and Cheese sub and the Subway Melt are two other moderate calorie subs. With about 20 g of fat and 50 g of protein each, they are nutritious meal options. Both subs provide 760 calories.

High Calorie Subs

If you are trying to lose weight, you may wish to avoid the Meatball Marinara, the Spicy Italian and the Chicken and Bacon Ranch subs. All three are comfortably over 1,000 calories. The Spicy Italian and the Chicken and Bacon Ranch have 56 g of fat, while the Meatball Marinara contains 46 g. The Chicken and Bacon Ranch sub contains a very high 70 g of protein, so that should be taken into account when considering how it may fit into your diet.


Subway offer a wide range of breads, including 9-Grain Wheat, Italian (white), honey oat, Italian Herbs and Cheese, Parmesan Oregano, and specialty regional breads. The nutritional data is based upon sandwiches with the 9-grain Wheat bread. Calories are fairly constant among the bread options, ranging between 400 and 500 calories. The main difference comes in fiber. For a higher and healthier dose of fiber, go for the 9-Grain Wheat or the Honey Oat. They contain 8 g and 10 g respectively, compared to 4 g or less in the other options.

Cheese and Condiments

Subway's nutritional information is based on sandwiches that contain lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and onions, and in the case of the moderate and high calorie subs, cheese as well. The inclusion of cheese in a foot-long sub can change the calories by around 100 calories and up to 10 g of fat. The addition of condiments, such as mayonnaise or ranch dressing, can increase calories by over 200. Take this into account when working out your sandwich's nutritional value.

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