How to Get Curly Hair Silky & Straight

Dean Bertoncelj/iStock/Getty Images

Sleek hair can make you look polished and well-groomed without seeming as if you've tried too hard. However, what may appear to be an effortless style can be difficult to achieve, especially for those with curly locks. Curls tend to shrink up and become frizzy when met with the slightest hint of moisture which can lead to frustration for ringlet laden men and women hoping to change their look. Taming curly hair into a silky and straight state is possible with the right preparation and technique.

Use a clean t-shirt to squeeze your hair dry, focusing on the ends.

Use alligator jaw hair clips to divide your hair into six sections, three across the top layer and three across the bottom. These sections do not have to be even, they are simply to make your hair more manageable while you are blow-drying it straight.

Hold a round brush underneath one section of hair and blow dry it. Direct the blow dryer down while pulling the brush through your hair until completely dry.

Run a flat iron down 1-inch sections of hair to smooth it and create a sleek look. Keep the flat iron vertical as you run it down the hair to prevent kinks.

Squeeze several drops of anti frizz serum onto your palms and distribute it through your hair. This will create the silky style you are looking for.