The Best Hats for Running in the Rain

running reflection in wet road image by jimcox40 from

For many athletes, running in the rain is soothing and enjoyable. As drops of rain fall from the sky and land lightly upon the skin, they keep the body cool. Rather than shielding their skin from the rain, many runners accept the rainfall as an appreciated break from the heat. However, eye protection is necessary to ensure safety while running. Fortunately, a simple hat will protect the eyes when running in the rain.


When running in the rain, select a hat with a brim that provides protection for the face. A baseball cap or visor will effectively shade the face and prevent raindrops from hitting the eyes. Visors are a good option when running in hot or warm temperatures, as they allow heat to escape off the top of the head. However, if you need to protect the top of your head from the sun, a full baseball cap is your best option. If you wish to protect the back of your neck from the sun and/or rain as well, consider a lightweight sun hat, which features a brim around the entire perimeter of the hat.


Choose a running hat that is made from a material that wicks moisture away from the skin. As technology improves, more manufacturers are offering hats and clothing items that keep moisture (rain, sweat) away from the skin. A hat made of this material not only prevents rain from reaching the skin, it also draws sweat away from the skin. Although the color of the hat does not determine the amount of rain protection it provides, a hat in a dark color draws the sun toward you. To keep your head cool, choose a hat in a warm color instead, such as white, tan or light gray. Bright colors, such as white, yellow and orange, are more readily visible than dark colors. When running at night, select a brightly colored hat to increase your visibility.


If you are not running in heavy rain, consider wearing a sweatband instead of a more traditional hat. Typically made of plush terrycloth or cotton, the fabric soaks in the moisture, preventing it from running into the eyes. Although a sweatband may not be the best option when running in heavy or blowing rains, it provides a convenient and comfortable option if running in a list misting rain. Since the band does not cover the entire head, it allows heat to escape from the body.