2 Bright Ways to Decorate a Party with Streamers

Streamers are one of my favorite materials to use for party decorating. They are affordable and (with very little effort) can turn an entire room into a festive place to celebrate. To gussy up a space, I made a waterfall rainbow backdrop on the wall. I love how the backdrop looks a bit like a modern watercolor work of art — with straight lines and bright colors, the design sets the scene for a festive event. A table featuring presents, desserts or drinks will instantly be bright and party-ready when placed in front of this backdrop.

This streamer waterfall backdrop is one of those party decorations you will find yourself making over and over again. It couldn’t be more simple. To make it (and the flowers below) all you need is a collection of streamers, scissors and a length of rope (I used jute rope).

To make the waterfall party backdrop, cut lengths of colorful paper streamers to double the height you’d like the backdrop to be. I cut mine at 60 inches long, which makes our backdrop about 30 inches in height. To fill the wall I cut 11 lengths of each color, and I used seven different colors of streamers.

Next, hang the rope that will hold the streamers. The rope can be hung against a wall or centered in the room over a table. I recommend using thumbtacks to adhere the rope to the wall. Any way you hang it, the backdrop will command eyes from all your guests.

Then hang the streamers in color order over the rope, gently separating as you go. That’s it! That’s all it takes to make a show-stopping party display.

Note: We made this backdrop for an indoor party. If you’ll be celebrating outside, use small glue dots or double-sided tape to adhere each streamer to the rope.

To coordinate with the waterfall streamer backdrop, make simple crepe paper flowers. These flowers can be made with thin floral wire stems in the middle or just out of paper, for blossoms with no stems.

To make the crepe paper streamer flowers you will need crepe paper, scissors and a length of thread.

First, wind the streamer around itself, pinching the bottom in as you go. The wider the wind, the more full the flower will be. Continue winding and pinching the flower until you reach a desired fullness. Cut off the streamer and tie the bottom pinch with a length of thread to keep it in place.

If using wire for the flowers, place it inside the first wind about 1/4 inch up. Wind and pinch in the same fashion.

Use the flowers to top cakes, to decorate drinks, or to set out as party decorations. Now you have a party-ready space in 20 minutes flat!

Photo credits: Victoria Hudgins