1950's Party Theme Game Ideas

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Theme parties are a great way to break the monotony of the average everyday party, and using the 1950s as a theme is an easy way to entertain guests. Game ideas for the 1950s theme are quite easy and use household materials. Creating the games should take no longer than an hour to prepare.

Gathering Materials

While many items you need are found around the house, you may have to purchase some materials for the games. Some of these items are pin-up girl posters, pictures of '50s actor and musicians, music CDs of the '50s and '50s movie DVDs.

Organizing Trivia Games

Using the pictures of the actors and musician's, make a trivia game where the crowd tries to guess either which movie/band/actor the picture belongs to. You can assign points to groups based on who gets it right. Put up the pin-up girl posters around the house, and if a guest can guess who it is, they will get to pick the next game.

Group Dancing Games

Using the movie "Grease," you can have a hand-jive competition, where a select panel of guest judges will choose with team has the best hand-jive dance trying to copy the movie "Grease." Taking the music you've found such as Bill Haley and the Comets, Elvis Presley and other '50s musicians, you can have an old-fashioned dance competition, where people partner up and perform the dances of the past, such as the Twist or the Bunny Hop. You, as the host, can be the judge and the final remaining contestants can take home a prize of a pin-up girl of their choosing.