The Best Thickening Shampoos

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With advances in technology and formulations of personal care products, it seems that no product performs just one task anymore. For example, many shampoos today do more than just clean hair--they may help add volume or thicken hair as well. This process enhances the appearance of your hair and helps you look your best. Whether your hair is thinning or not, a high-quality thickening shampoo can help improve your hair.

Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Collection

Pantene is a well-known brand in hair care, and products such as the Pro-V Full & Thick Collection indicate why that is so. This product was rated the best overall hair-thickening shampoo by Good Housekeeping magazine. The magazine praised the Pro-V Full & Thick Collection for its economical price and ability to bring out shine, smoothness and volume. The collection combines a shampoo and a conditioner for comprehensive hair care. Good Housekeeping also noted the Pro-V Full & Thick Collection has a pleasant scent as well.

Oribe Magnificent Volume Shampoo

Oribe Magnificent Volume Shampoo was named the best volumizing shampoo by the editors at More magazine. This shampoo may help produce shiny, thick-looking hair thanks to ingredients such as polymers that help build body in your hair. According to Oribe, the shampoo's unique botanical extracts also contribute strength and fullness to your hair. However, the Oribe Magnificent Volume Shampoo is a bit on the expensive side--More magazine lists it at $36 per bottle.

Dove Extra Volume Shampoo

If you're looking for full-bodied, big hair, Marie Claire suggests you look no further than Dove Extra Volume Shampoo. According to Marie Claire, this shampoo is appropriate even for those with curly hair, and is specifically designed to increase the volume and thickness of your hair without weighing it down. The shampoo is also supposed to enhance softness and smoothness.

Neutrogena Clean Volume

Neutrogena Clean Volume is the best hair thickening shampoo according to the Women's Hair Loss Project. This shampoo is intended to beef up the body of your hair without weighing it down. Neutrogena Clean Volume can be used daily, as it doesn't contain harsh ingredients and can add a pleasant shine and scent to your hair in addition to building volume.